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Services at a glance

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What you specifically get from us:


Individual training planning

Every athlete has their own personal goals, needs and influencing factors. Therefore, the planning is individually tailored to you. The “state of the art” software Trainingpeaks gives you individual and time-saving access to your data, training plans & insights.


Training and competition analysis

Successful training control requires scientifically based measurements. All your training data is used for your individual training schedule.


Competition preparation & -strategy

Each competition is specific - you get the finishing touches for your big day.


Aero and material optimization

The dormant potential. We leave no stone unturned and find the best setup for you.


Communication & feedback

Active communication between athlete and coach is a fundamental element of effective training management. No matter which channel - I am personally available to you without limitation.


Performance testing

Performance tests enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching- continuous, reproducible, smart from home. 


Training and competition nutrition

Energy management is a central element of endurance sports. We prepare you specifically for the perfect competition day.

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