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What you can expect


Present from start to finish

Active communication between coach and athlete is the foundation of my supporting approach. I’m there for you when you need me – it’s that simple.


In training, before and after competitions, on the way to the next goal - with personal support without compromise.


Just train

A good structure is followed by simplicity - a single interface, fully automated data transfer and quick access to test results and evaluations minimize your effort besides training. Structured communication counteracts the mental overload between everyday life and sport. And I break analyzes down to the essentials and integrate them into your training plans. Complex, but simple - so you can just concentrate on your training.


With transparency and precision

With Trainingpeaks, your training data and an uncomplicated communication channel are available to us at any time. Regular, reproducible performance tests and daily updated data thanks to networked wearables give you and me a clear picture of your current constitution. This allows us to react promptly to changes. You train remotely, but not alone.


Together for excellence performance

I'm in your shoes. As an active endurance athlete, my experience from training and competition flows into your support. In addition, I advise you on sports nutrition, material and areo optimization, and, depending on the sport, I provide additional support from my network of specialists.

What is particularly important:

You set the direction!
Sporting excellence is a complex interplay of physical, mental and external influences. Therefore, the most important thing is who you are and who you want to be. No matter what others do, we will align your training plan with your life plan. Find out together what makes you strong – in training, in competition, in everyday life.
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